Windrush Stable - Therapeutic Riding Centre

Our Horses


Hello there - my name is Lyrical. I am a 16.1 hand high chestnut gelding. I am an Oldenburg x Quarter horse, with a beautiful white blaze on my face. I am on loan to Windrush by Sarah Smith who loves me to death but is at school right now. Sarah and I showed on the 'A' circuit when I was younger. I was a fabulous jumper if I do say so myself. We have many ribbons to prove it!

I think Sarah knew I was ready to take it much easier, that's why she brought me here. She learned to ride with Lesley many years ago and wanted me to have the best care possible.

I love my lessons. I'm very brave in the arena and like to play all the games. Lesley says I'm the best horse she has ever had for taking the bit, I just open my mouth right up. So please... always be very gentle and I will stay the best!

The most fun part of my day is playing in the pasture. I am the boss and all the new horses have to pass my approval. As long as they follow my rules everything is fine!

See you in class!


Hi there, my name is Moe. I am a chestnut quarter horse born in 1997. I am 14.2 hands high, with a big white blaze on my face, which makes me incredibly handsome. I was donated to Windrush Stable T.R.C. by Brittany Morrison. She was a wonderful owner - we had lots of fun learning things together, we even went to some shows! But I am only a little bit good at jumping and she wanted to do more, so I got to come here - and I love it! Scout is my best friend, we stand in the pasture and scratch each other for hours.

Dallas and Friday are my best friends - we're a bit like the 3 stooges when we play around! I do have one itsy, bitsy, bad habit though - I crib when I am in my stall. I know it's not very polite and it sounds dreadful, but I really can't help it.

I am a pretty laid back guy, not too much bothers me. I like all the arena games so far. I still have a lot to learn, so please be patient with me.

See you in class!


Hello, my name is Friday. I am the only Thoroughbred in residence here at Windrush Stable T.R.C. I was a racehorse in my younger years, although my racing performance was less than stellar. As a matter of fact Bruce says they named me Friday because I was in the Thursday race and was so slow I came in "Friday".

I have been a school horse for many years because I am so quiet and dependable. Now that I'm older, my owner thought I should come here so I could slow down a bit. - O.K. wrong choice of words!

Not much gets me upset except when my friends are far away! Then I talk too much!

See you in class!


Well, it is very nice to meet you all. Sorry Friday, but you are no longer the only Thoroughbred at Windrush! I am an Irish Thoroughbred. I am a chestnut with a beautiful golden mane and tail and a big white blaze on my face. My previous owner and I used to show 3 Day Event classes. It was very exciting, but as I got older it got kind of scary to jump into forests and over every imaginable object. She knew I was too young to retire, so she brought me here.

My very best friend is Moe. We get into so much trouble when we are free in the arena. Lesley comes in and makes us let go of the toys we have in our mouths - sometimes she even has to pull the stuffing from the toys out of my mouth. But it's so much fun.

I love my lessons and I try so hard to do everything right. I hope you get the chance to ride me, I'll be very good.

See you in class!


Hi there, My name is Missy. My previous owner moved to France, but croissants and café au lait are not to my liking , so I decided to come here. I am the oldest horse at Windrush, but I am still happy to work in my lessons. My back is a little "lower" than it used to be, so only little people get to ride me! See you in class!

Mister T

Hello - my name is Mister T. My show name is Shrunk in the Wash! I look just like my friend across from me - Lyrical. We are both chestnuts with white stockings and white blazes on our faces. I think he may be a little taller, but I'm not sure.

I used to be a show pony - as a matter of fact I was reserve champion at the Royal Winter Fair one year. Wow - I even impress myself sometimes! My little girl outgrew me though and being a show pony was awful hard work. I didn't really want to do it for anyone else. So, my family let me come here.

I love playing halter tag over the fence with Lyrical. We (I guess that would be me) have already broken 2 halters. But it's just so much fun. I love giving lessons to my little students. It makes me feel so important and I am very careful to take care of them. If you are little, you may get a chance to ride me.

See you in class!