Windrush Stable T.R.C. offers therapeutic riding lessons with safety as our top priority. Our rigid high standards come from 40 years of teaching experience. Windrush offers private lessons only. We believe that our undeniable success results from our instructors focusing exclusively on one rider in each lesson.

Heart To Heart:
The goal of this program is to help children attain the skills necessary to establish ongoing friendships. While participating in activities such as role playing, nature walks, studying equine behaviour as well as watching herd dynamics, we offer your child an opportunity to understand how their actions are interpreted by others.This is an eight week unmounted program. The sessions will be grouped according to age.

Therapeutic Riding:
Therapeutic riding has been the primary focus of Windrush Stable T.R.C. for over 20 years. Horseback riding offers a chance to be successful at a unique activity while receiving educational and therapeutic benefits. The relationship students develop with their equine and volunteer partners promotes emotional and social growth.

Horsemanship Program:
This program offers students a unique opportunity to create a meaningful relationship and bond with an equine companion. Our unmounted lessons provide individuals with special needs the chance to learn and develop equine knowledge, understand the social behaviours of horses, safe horse handling practices and barn management skills.

Fun On The Farm:
Windrush provides a fun and educational time for groups of 8 to 16 students. This experience is custom designed and can be tailored for school age students with special needs or adult day programs. This 2 hour activity includes a tour, grooming and leading horses, a ride on our mechanical horse and an equine themed craft. This may be considered a “one time” activity or or a series of outings.